Preparing for parenthood is a time of change, transition and transformation. 

By incorporating mindfulness into your parenting preparations, you will be expanding your capacity to be with whatever lies ahead.

Training YOUR Mind, Body and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond!

Prepare for birth & parenting

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting is an evidence-based, comprehensive childbirth education AND mindfulness course. 

Developed by Nancy Bardacke, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and mindfulness teacher, MBCP is a direct adaptation of the well-researched Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) created by Jon Kabat-Zinn out of UMass. 

In the 9-week class (MBCP) you will learn to:

  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of labor, delivery and breastfeeding
  • Practice individual and partner comfort measures
  • Access physical and mental relaxation
  • Engage the mind to work physical discomfort and pain 
  • Increase confidence and courage for the experiences of birth and parenting
  • Practice prenatal yoga for strength and flexibility
  • Develop skills for managing stress in pregnancy, parenting and life as it is right now
  • Build a toolbox of meditation exercises
  • Enhance communication skills with your partner and health care provider
  • Become more aware of your own approach to parenting

It is a comprehensive birth preparation class - we cover the anatomy & physiology of childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as newborn cycles and postpartum life - AND it is a class that builds skills to support your life as you are living right now and as parents. 

The Mind in Labor weekend (MIL) is a taste of mindfulness with comprehensive birth education/preparation. In the abbreviated time frame, we will cover the key elements of the birth curriculum, impactful for all birthing and parenting experiences that lie ahead. 

Read more about how MBCP/MIL is Different from Other Childbirth Education/Preparation classes HERE


What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is...

"the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with compassion and open-hearted curiosity. Through cultivating mindful awareness, we discover how to live in the present  moment rather than brooding about the past or worrying about the future."  -Oxford Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Pregnancy


  • fear of childbirth
  • perceived stress
  • pregnancy-related depression & anxiety
  • judging and reactivity


  • attention & awareness
  • confidence during childbirth
  • body awareness 
  • responsiveness

Mindfulness & Parenting


  • postpartum depression in new parents
  • stress during the postpartum time


  • parent-baby bonding
  • adjustment to parenting 
  • attunement to newborn
  • remaining calm during toddler tantrums