Participant Reflections

for life

 "I think this is an invaluable tool for life. I feel like a better person for having taken this class...Thank you for opening our minds to the mindful parents we have the potential to be."   

"There are so many things you learn about yourself and how to cope in life rather than just in pregnancy."

"It built community and provided tools for childbirth & parenting."

"I've learned so much that is not only helfpul to me during labor, or as a parent, but just as a person."

for birth

"I feel more confident and like we have a little community...[feel] more knowledgable about childbirth!"

"I feel more grounded and feel less sense of confusion and nervousness. The class gave me "confidence" and created a space in myself of kindness and love towards myself and stress.:

"The initial feeling of uneasiness has changed into self confidence to trust my instincts and my body and not worry about what I can't control."

"I embrace the idea [of birth and parenting] much more enthusiastically. Before I was excited but had more fears about doing it right."

reflecting on birth

"It was really important to focus in the inbetweens and I wouldn't have known to do that without the class.. Sounding was surprisingly the most helpful way to deal with pain."

"Focusing on the breath during the Csection was monumental for me to get through it. I know it helped me stay calm when I was very scared and worried."

in parenting

"Knowing that babies are on 2-3 hour cycles was very helpful for me - eat, sleep, pay/be alert (IN ANY ORDER) and repeat."


in relationship

"I feel more connected to my partner. This experience and sharing mindful time together has brought us closer."

"More patience, more acceptance and open communication."

"More bondedness"

"[He is] way more empathetic, especially since he participated in pain practices."

"Love has grown. Respect has grown. For all women."

about Claire

"Claire was incredible. From our first phone interview to the final class, her sage-like demeanor and easy, approachable presence was a joy to be around. She is so knowledgeable as a working doula as well."

 "Claire is patient, non-judgmental, and earnest...I especially appreciate that in her guidance and questions, she meets the students 'where we are at' and works from there." 

"Claire is a special person with unlimited energy and dedication to what she does." 

"I felt immediately comfortable with Claire over the phone. This only grew stronger with each class."